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GivingMatters.com® Requirement

Your organization is required to have a complete and updated GivingMatters.com profile to be considered for Community Foundation discretionary grants. If you are establishing a NEW GivingMatters.com profile, deadline to create a profile and submit your placeholder form is Monday, July 11. Any profile updates to existing GivingMatters.com profiles should be submitted by Friday, July 22 at 4:30 p.m.
The Community Foundation’s GivingMatters.com is a powerful online resource to inform, empower and enrich charitable giving in Middle Tennessee – benefiting donors, nonprofits and the community at large.
GivingMatters.com expands your organization’s opportunity to reach prospective donors and streamlines the process of applying for discretionary grants by integrating your organization’s online information into our grantmaking process. Additionally, a growing number of area funders, from private foundations to government agencies, require GivingMatters.com profiles for their grant processes.
If you’re applying for a Community Foundation discretionary grant or are interested in using GivingMatters.com, please review these Frequently Asked Questions:
1. Do I have to have a GivingMatters.com profile to apply for Community Foundation discretionary grants?
All 501(c)(3) public charities must have a complete and updated profile in GivingMatters.com in order to be considered for a discretionary grant from The Community Foundation. Please be sure your profile meets these requirements before the grant deadline. Only organizations with complete and up-to-date profiles will be eligible to apply.
2. Does having a GivingMatters.com profile guarantee that my organization will receive funding?
No, it does not. There are many benefits to having a GivingMatters.com profile. Today’s donors want easily accessible information in order to make strategic giving decisions. GivingMatters.com profiles are designed to offer a wealth of knowledge so potential donors can find and learn all about your organization and give with confidence to support your work. The website offers every organization an online giving portal through the “Donate Now” feature. 
3. How do I create my profile in GivingMatters.com?
The first step is simple – complete a Placeholder Form which is located on this page, in the Grantee Toolkit at right, and return it and all required documents to The Community Foundation. A GivingMatters.com coach from The Community Foundation will contact you and guide you through completing your profile.
4. I’ve completed the Placeholder Information Form. Is my profile complete now?
No. That’s how you start the process. Please note that it may take several days for your Placeholder Form to be processed. Once your documents have been processed and the profile has been initiated, a GivingMatters.com coach from The Community Foundation will contact you and guide you through the self-entry portion of your profile. The profile must be completed on or before The Community Foundation grant deadline to be eligible.
5. I need to update my profile. What do I need to do?
Log in to GivingMatters.com with your assigned user name and password to update your information. Do not forget to upload new tax documents, budgets, and Charitable Solicitations permits, in addition to adding new board members and updating other changed information. If you need additional assistance, contact your organization’s profile coach at 615-321-4939.