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Tapping Individual Potential

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Tapping Individual Potential (TIP) is about recognizing a special skill in a young person and investing in them to develop their unique capacity.

The Community Foundation’s TIP program works with rising fifth through eighth grade Metro Nashville public school students who have extraordinary talent, but who may not be able to explore their skill because of limiting financial or other circumstances. The goal is to provide individualized attention and enrichment opportunities for these students, and to continue investing in their talents as they make progress.

How it works

Talented students are identified by a teacher, guidance counselor or principal and recommended to The Community Foundation through an application available twice each year. We review applications to determine how grant funds can provide opportunities. Once approved, a tailored, meaningful enrichment experience is developed, with involvement of the person making the recommendation.

As skills and talents differ, so will programs and opportunities for students. It may be an art course outside of school, an advanced science or math class, singing lessons, a session with someone with similar talent, or a visit to an archaeological dig, to name a few possibilities. After evaluation of a TIP participant’s experience, an application for additional opportunities is available through a school teacher or counselor.