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Create An Agency Endowment Fund

The purpose of creating this type of “charitable savings account” is to provide important ongoing support for the operation of an organization, now and for generations to come. It’s lasting. Endowment Funds are indicators that the agency’s leadership is planning for the future.

Below is an introduction to the creation and operation of an Agency Endowment Fund. To get started or discuss any questions, contact The Community Foundation’s Nonprofit and Endowment Liaison, Michael McDaniel, at 615-321-4939.

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How It Works

• A nonprofit agency makes a gift to The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee.
• The Fund is established with this initial agency gift and the completion of an agreement
outlining terms and conditions.
• Our professional staff supports the agency in its efforts to grow its endowment, while
keeping within the policies and procedures of The Community Foundation.
• Anyone may make gifts at any time to the Agency’s Endowment Fund. These gifts may
be cash, publicly traded or closely held securities, bequests, planned gifts, insurance, IRAs,
Remainder or Lead Trusts, real property, etc.
• While The Community Foundation must own the Fund, the assets are reported on the
agency’s financial statements.
• Our professional staff handles the administrative details and assists the agency.
• Fund activity information is available online. Gifts and grants are updated daily and Fund Statements including investment results are updated monthly. Complete Fund Statements are mailed semi-annually.

Financial Facts

• Agency Endowment Funds can be established with a minimum gift of $5,000.
• Approximately 5% of the balance of the Fund is available annually for the agency’s use.
• Funds are invested in a diversified portfolio designed to manage market risk, dampen
market volatility and ensure steady growth over time.
• In addition to an annual investment fee, all funds will be charged the lowest annual administrative fee of The Community Foundation.