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Impact Funds

  • The Kitty and Pat Emery Fund for Nashville Established 2016

    The Kitty and Pat Emery Fund for Nashville, an Unrestricted Fund within The Community Foundation, was established on November 22, 2016. It happened the day after their 19th wedding anniversary and in anticipation of Kitty’s passing as a result of the cancer she has fought and survived for many months. It stemmed, however, from a happier place, the deep and abiding love Kitty and Pat have had for each other and for their community. The goal of the Fund is to ensure that The Community Foundation has resources to address the needs of the community they chose to call home as those needs emerge and evolve. The Fund will be Nashville-centric but the causes to which the money may be applied are unlimited because Kitty and Pat believe Nashville’s opportunities to be unlimited as well.

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  • Jane and Richard Eskind Endowed Unrestricted Fund Established 2009

    As contributors to the original Fund that laid the cornerstone for The Community Foundation's grantmaking, the Eskinds believe firmly in the vital role a community foundation plays in identifying and supporting critical needs for its community. Over the years, they have seen the impact of annual grant awards to local nonprofits improving quality of life in Middle Tennessee. This Fund ensures that every year, for generations to come, there will be funds available for The Community Foundation to address pressing needs and opportunities in our community.

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  • Founders' Fund Established 1993

    The Founders' Fund was created by individuals interested in helping The Community Foundation build a pool of unrestricted endowment funds for future grantmaking. To participate, donors contributed $25,000 to the Fund and laid the cornerstone for The Community Foundation's grantmaking - now and always. Founders include: Betty M. & Martin S. Brown Jane G. & Richard J. Eskind LifeWorks Foundation William W. McInnes Mrs. Jack C. Massey Elizabeth M. Queener Barbara & Lester D. Speyer Anne H. & Robert K. Zelle

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  • Gilbert Family Fund Established 2003

    Gilbert Unrestricted Fund Established 2003

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  • Adelaide H. Hohanness Unrestricted Fund Established 2009

    Adelaide Hohanness, a Gallatin native, was an active member of Westminster Presbyterian Church and an employee with Vanderbilt's social service department for 20 years. As she planned her estate, Adelaide included creation of an Unrestricted Fund within The Community Foundation which would not only serve as her legacy but which would enable her to perpetuate support for Middle Tennessee for generations to come. Thanks to Adelaide, through changing time and circumstance, there will always be more money to invest in the needs and opportunities of this place we all call home.

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  • Joan Hornig Fund Established 2007

    Having successfully merged her vocation and her avocation, philanthropist Joan Hornig was introduced to The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee when she was the keynote speaker at the 2007 Power of the Purse Luncheon benefiting The Women's Fund. On that occasion, she shared the story of following her dream to create beautiful jewelry and use the sales thereof to generate philanthropic dollars. One hundred percent of Joan's profits on her jewelry sales are channeled through the Joan B Hornig Foundation to reach a host of nonprofit organizations, each selected by her customers. To commemorate the occasion of her address to many of the philanthropists of Middle Tennessee, her family created this Unrestricted Fund in her name.

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  • Mamie S. and Thomas B. Houser Unrestricted Fund Established 1997

    Mamie S. and Thomas B. Houser Unrestricted Fund Established 1997

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  • Noah Liff Unrestricted Fund Established 2000

    Noah Liff, quite simply, loved to help people. During his lifetime, Noah was a generous supporter of all the traditional charities, helping everything from health-related agencies to the arts. But he also was pleased to step in to fulfill an unusual need or to address an emergency situation. Now, when The Community Foundation is approached with a new solution to a problem, the board of directors can use monies from Noah's Unrestricted Fund to do just what Noah would have done --- jump in to help.

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  • Metropolitan Human Relations Commission Support Fund Established 2012

    The mission of the Metro Human Relations Commission (MHRC) is to protect and promote the personal dignity of all people by protecting and promoting their safety, health, security, peace and general welfare. The Metro Human Relations Commission Support Fund was established to support the MHRC in its delivery of the best and most innovative programs in the areas of education and training to promote tolerance and understanding among all groups living in Metropolitan Nashville. By supporting this Fund donors are investing in a Nashville that will continue to proudly affirm the motto of the Commission: One City, All People.

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  • The Wayne T. and Cheryl G. Smith Unrestricted Fund Established 2016

    The Wayne T. and Cheryl G. Smith Unrestricted Fund | Established 2016

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  • The Tricentennial Fund Established 1996

    The essence of an Impact Fund is appreciating that individuals living in a community are the people best equipped to make effective grant decisions. It is also realizing that those of us living now cannot predict the future needs of the community we love. The Tricentennial Fund is an opportunity to invest in these truths. Grants will be made by the board of The Community Foundation to address pressing needs in the future. Those listed below have provided a gift from one generation to the next -- the impact of which will never end. A complete list of donors is being kept in the archives for future reference and acknowledgement.

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  • The Unrestricted Impact Endowment Fund Established 1993

    Unrestricted Funds are the most flexible and allow The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee to respond to emerging needs, new programs and innovative solutions that might not be started, or might not continue if not for our grant support. Each year, hundreds of local nonprofits receive grants from the Unrestricted Fund to support programs that shed new light on the needs and aspirations of Middle Tennesseans.

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