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Memorial Gifts

When a loved one dies, you are faced with a painful loss and a multitude of decisions. One of these may be how to create a fitting memorial, a tribute that will herald the difference this special person made in the lives of those around him or her.

Working through The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee can keep their name alive by continuing to foster the causes and ideals they held dear.

Did they love to cook?
Perhaps a memorial to help feed the hungry is appropriate.

Did they love the outdoors?
You may wish to consider a memorial to help children develop that same passion.

Did they enthusiastically support a particular school?
Maybe the best legacy would be a scholarship awarded each year in their name to a student at that school.

Gifts of any size are welcome and are fully tax deductible. For as little as $5,000 — or $10,000 for scholarships — gifts can create a lasting memorial that bears your loved one’s name.

We are honored to help carry on the legacy of caring community members through Memorial Funds addressing a broad range of need.

Explore Our Memorial Funds
If you would like to create a lasting legacy for your loved one, we’re here to help. Call us at (615) 321-4939.

Example of a Memorial Fund: John R. Story Memorial Advised Fund

This Fund was created to recognize the life of Charles Story's father, pictured at left. Though not highly educated, John was a voracious reader and student of language. A hallmark of their family living room, John always had his Webster Encyclopedic Dictionary nearby to looking up an unknown word. The worn dictionary and its well-read pages tell the story of a man whose love of reading and learning inspired his son to help others know that same passion. Charles honors his father's legacy through this Fund, proceeds of which support literacy efforts in the greater Nashville community.