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Disaster Response

Flood Response Information

Track The Community Foundation's ongoing response to the May 2010 flood.

For flood victims with ongoing needs, find resources.

Disaster Response Overview

Disaster can strike at any time, anywhere and in any way. It happened in May 2010 when historic flooding gripped Middle Tennessee and devastated our region. It happened in 2008 when tornados swept through our community, leaving destruction and loss in their wake. It also happened in 2005 when the tsunami in Southeast Asia was followed by a series of hurricanes, including Katrina.

The Community Foundation plays an active role in disaster response as a philanthropic leader working to catalyze resources and convene people and organizations to address community needs. We take seriously our commitment to and track record of both excellent stewardship of donated funds and the wise investment of those funds through grants to nonprofit programs benefiting citizens and communities in need.

In fact, planning for disaster preparedness as an organization, one that could be ready when called upon by our community in time of great need, began a decade ago when the leadership of the City of Nashville started conversations about putting a plan in place to respond to the variety and severity of needs a disaster creates.

Through collaborative work among many local organizations and entities of government, a plan was outlined that included designating The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee as the official repository for financial contributions during times of disaster, in partnership with the Office of the Mayor and Davidson County Office of Emergency Management. This function has naturally extended throughout Middle Tennessee based on our service to this geographic area over the past 20 years. In this role, we work to catalyze donations for disaster relief and provide stewardship and the utmost transparency for the use of those of donations, which are granted to organizations meeting the needs of disaster victims.

Whenever and wherever disaster strikes, people give to support both relief and recovery. The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee stands ready to connect generosity with need, here at home and in places far away.